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Maine is a good place to look for the coastal property you will love. It has over 3,400 miles of coastline, with many different homes, cottages, and condos for sale. With this vast selection, there is something for everyone looking to live in an oceanfront home. You can do your own research or consult with helpful experts in Maine coast properties to gain easy access to all the available homes that will fit your lifestyle and budget. Each property is unique, but not all of them will be suitable for you. So, it makes sense to ask help from seasoned oceanfront property experts for assistance narrowing the properties down to only those that are right for you.


When selecting a Maine coastal property, take note of where it is. Head over to the town office where the property is located to ask for maps detailing the location, size, and the outline of the land. The details may not be completely accurate, as the deed descriptions typically have all the necessary information on the property, but they can be a good way to start getting to know what is in store. With a site plan, you can ‘walk’ the land, find the property corners and lines, and identify easement issues. Keep in mind that not all coastal properties have been surveyed, but knowing where they are is a step to making an informed decision on buying them.


It makes sense to learn about the history of the Maine coastal property and the surrounding area, too. Find out what was on the land before it was developed, and determine how the development was. This is a good time to consult with the neighbors to learn about any issues they may have had, and determine if they love living there. You will also need to determine how much of the property is useful for your needs. Usability is typically affected by local waterfront ordinances and state shoreland zoning rules, deed restrictions, CCRs (covenants, conditions, and restrictions), and town zoning.