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The tips mentioned below need to be on your checklist that is must-see before buying Maine oceanfront cottages for sale, this will help you to become a buyer who knows everything. Most of them are the suggestions that any buyer who buys carefully would be concerned about it to know anyway.

If you are considering buying oceanfront property in Maine, here’s what needs to be done as your homework.

1-Know everything about the connectivity issues

It is essential for both the water bodies and roads involved.

  • Is there any existing road that the property has? Is it for private or public use? Will you share it, own it or only have the right of way?
  • The oceanfront can also be shared, owned or the parcel can come up with a right of way water access.
  • Similarly, if the property is remote, know who is responsible for road maintenance? Also, if there’s an agreement for the maintenance and what is the fees?

2-Find out about the location of a property

In Maine, most of the offices normally show the maps that consist of size, outline, and location. While they might not be 100% accurate but they are better to start with. Therefore, get details of the Maine oceanfront cottages for sale from the listing broker or the town office, and take time to see and explore the property. Look at things like roads, trails, power lines, fences, etc.

3-Never purchase without inspecting it

Any offer made by you needs to resolve specific issues: for example, if you look for financing, make the offer contingent as per your capability to obtain it. Most of the times, physical issues that take place with a cottage lie deep and can be identified by an expert. If there’s an issue with the cottage, you might have to negotiate with the seller to get the lower price.


As you can see, there’s a lot to know about Maine oceanfront cottages for sale. Make sure to get it qualified by the experienced real estate or expert so that you don’t end up buying the damaged one.