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One of the most important steps to do when buying a coastal Maine property for sale is to choose a location.  There are several factors or conditions that you need to consider in selecting the perfect town where you will reside. For one, the location should offer road access so that it is easy enough for you to do your regular activities—from running errands to going to your work. Other things like water levels, nature views, and privacy are also necessary to consider to determine whether the location is suitable for you or not. In case you need recommendations, here are some of the most popular locations where you can find beautiful coastal Maine properties for sale.

  1. Kennebunkport

Kennebunkport is often the starting point of Maine coastal road trips. So many tourists fall in love with the charm of this town so much that they decide to move here and stay for good. Here, you will find a line of elegant ship captain’s homes near the fishing ports, as well as lovely restaurants and shops. The town has also earned a reputation as a foodie’s paradise, so if you like gastronomic adventures, then this is also the best place for you.

  1. Bar Harbor

Another popular destination among tourists is Bar Harbor, which is a town perched on Mount Desert Island. This is a great area for those who have an active, outdoorsy lifestyle. You will have easy access to watersports activities, trekking, and biking. Since it is close to Acadia National Park, the historic resort town became the gateway to plenty of hiking trails and other natural attractions. It’s also known for its great seafood restaurants.

  1. Lubec

If you are looking for an abode that offers small-town charm and a remote vibe, then consider Lubec. The coastal Maine properties for sale in this area have a unique appeal. Though there are fewer establishments, you will still love living here because of the stunning views of nature and tranquility.