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Maine oceanfront real estate is a thriving market with its current demand among home buyers and investors. So, if you are looking to buy one, it’s as good idea to start searching right now. Hiring local real estate agents is the best way to fast track your hunt. With their insights and knowledge about the areas, they can surely help you choose the perfect Maine oceanfront real estate property according to your needs. Just tell them about your specific requirements.

The first thing that your local agents want to know is where exactly in Maine you want to buy a property. All the coastal towns are beautiful, but each one is unique on its own. Here are some suggestions to help you decide.

  1. South Portland

If you want to live off the grid but still want some accessibility, then choose South Portland. This area is known for its waterfront homes that are more affordable than those in Portland. Transportation is not a huge problem because there are plenty of options (boats, trains, and taxis) that will take you wherever you need to be. This coastal town overlooks the scenic skyline of Portland and the islands of Casco Bay.

  1. York

York is among the best beach towns in Maine. It offers a vibrant lifestyle, perfect for those who love adventures. It is liveliest during the summer months with all the activities going on left and right. However, if you want privacy, then you should look for Maine oceanfront real estate property in more secluded areas to avoid tourists during peak seasons.

  1. Ogunquit

True to its name, Ogunquit is indeed a “beautiful place by the sea.” Owners of oceanfront properties here get to revel in the white sandy beaches, the turquoise water and the sweet ocean breeze. But aside from the coast, the town also boasts of many cultural sites.

  1. Wells

This beach town is popular not only because it has a lot of public beaches but also because it is home to miles of wild coastal landscapes. If you are interested in both water and land adventures, then this is the town to choose. You’ll never run out of activities to try year-round from watersports to hiking.